Using this web site

This web site has two purposes:

The first is to provide a platform for the detailed outputs of the FRC project which may be of interest to members of the urban design and water management communities, to university researchers, to the people in the FRC partner organisations and to the EU North West Europe Region who made the decisions to fund the project. This is done under the page group  "FRC Output".

To balance this, the second, and perhaps, in the long term, more important purpose is to introduce flood management practice to all the people affected by or interested in flooding and whose jobs and roles may make them stakeholders in flood  management. This is done under the page group  "Adaptation in the built, natural and water environments". At the moment this is a work in progress which will become increasingly comprehensive as the outputs of other projects become availble.

In order to achieve this we have worked with the partners in MARE, SKINT and SAWA to produce a framework for sharing knowledge and information. This framework is designed to guide users to the information that they want by means of:

  • Subjects, which in our case are different sources of flooding
  • A structured list of topics about each subject

To find out more about how our framework works and how it can be used click on "Our framework" on the left hand navigation panel.

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