How to use this website

Our web site is designed to enable readers to access information in two different ways.

  1. Using the topics within our framework for sharing knowledge and experience to use guided searches  to get to information that you want to know about. This is done through the "Adaptation in the built, natural and water environments" page group. This approach also takes you to knowledge and experience that has been developed in other projects.
  2. Alternatively, if you are interested in the deliverables of the FRC project go to the "FRC output" pages where the outputs are grouped together within the project work packages

Our aim is to raise awareness and understanding by communicating with as many people as possible using simple language. In order to help with this we have included a "Glossary" to clarify the more technical content and any words which may have more than one use.

The descriptions in our web pages provide summaries of each topic, and most of our reports are kept as simple as possible, bit sometimes, it is necessary to go into more detail in reports that can be downloaded from this or other sites.

We also provide brief descriptions of other related project web sites, together with direct "links" to their home pages.