3. The Water Environment

The topics within this strand can be accessed through four themes

  1. Developing the Awareness, Strategy and Capacity needed within organisations, communities and individual citizens to manage flood risk.
  2. Analysis and assessment of current and future flood risk and of different options for the application of risk treatment measures.
  3. Structural and non structural risk treatment measures for the Alleviation and avoidance of current and future flood risk.
  4. Risk treatment measures for taking Action and providing Assistance in the run up to, during and after flood events

The four themes interact as illustrated and the content of each theme is grouped as follows:

Theme 1: Awareness, strategy and capacity

  1. Managing and controlling water
  2. Flood and water management
  3. Strategies for flood and water management and flood and water management plans
  4. Flood and water management plans
  5. Regulation, procedures and institutional arrangements
  6. Embedding water into the culture and conscience of the city.

Theme 2: Analysis and Assessment

  1. Data collection and management
  2. Modelling
  3. Economic impacts and damage assessment
  4. Mapping
  5. Event forecasting

Theme 3: Alleviation and avoidance

  1. Non structural measures (planning, building control, regulation etc.)
  2. Structural Measures (things on and under the ground)

Theme 4: Action and assistance

  1. Preparing for floods and pollution
  2. Flood and pollution warnings
  3. Responding to emergencies
  4. The "All clear" process (at the end of the emergency)
  5. Helping  recovery

Each group is further sub divided. Details of these sub divisions can be found by clicking on each theme in the navigation tool.