The Framework for Sharing Learning and Experience

2. Sharing learning and experience

These pages are designed to share the knowledge and experience that we have gained in the FRC project. It is structured around the four themes of the framework that we have developed in collaboration with other projects.

  1. Developing the Awareness, Strategy and Capacity needed within organisations, communities and individual citizens to manage flood risk.
  2. Analysis and assessment of current and future flooding and flood risk and of different options for the application of risk treatment measures.
  3. Structural and non structural risk treatment measures for the Alleviation and avoidance of current and future flood risk.
  4. Risk treatment measures for taking Action and providing Assistance in the run up to, during and after flood events

The four themes interact in a quadruple helix as shown in the illustration.

Under  each theme we summarise the actions taken by our FloodResilient Partnership, providing linls to the relevant pages under our Flood Resilient Actions and providing more information about our integrating transnational activities, the results of which are presented in a series of reports and information sheets.